402: Control (Episode three)

(After a month and a half of no Mage, 402 returns, with half the players for this session.)

After the PC’s second defeat at the hands of Faust, they return home and rest for the night.

April 23

The next morning, they head to Room 402 to meet with Holmes. There, he tells them that they are (obviously) going to need some help. So he decides to stay back at 402 and call in some favors, while the cabal heads out to see what kind of information it can gather. Justicar and Wiki are to attempt to find out anything about the group of punks that have been clashing with the group since Discovery, and Mingan and Quantum head off to try and find any information about Faust.

Soon enough, Mingan and Quantum are dropped off at Tessa’s Shop and meet her there. She begins her usual routine of searching the internet for anything about Faust, and the two 402 members start to look through a massive stack of files on awakened convicts. After hours of trying to connect the convicts to Faust, they finally stumble on two of the files that could be related to their quarry; two male magi by the names of Oracle and Discorsi. These two are both imprisoned in Portland, at a Guardians of the Veil secret prison.

So the two get walking and head over to the prison, located in downtown Portland, beneath an unmarked building. Heading inside, they are greeted by a male secretary who seems to be a big fan of theirs. However, their escort, a large ornery woman, is not. She remarks that the only reason they’re being let in is because Holmes called in a favor with the Guardians. She guides the two through the labyrinthine prison to the interrogation room, where they bring in the man named Oracle.

After a simple inquiry into his past, Oracle recounts to the two how he was deceived by Faust’s powerful mind mastery into committing unspeakable acts during the 4th street massacre. The players get little information out of this, and only learn moreso that Faust is a cruel and manipulative villain.

After their chat with Oracle, the Guardians bring in Discorsi; he is a very cryptic man and gives the two little information to go on. He also is brought into the room wearing an oxygen mask that is connected to a supply of airborne atlantite. He has little to say, however, he does drop one large tip: he was the one who trained Faust in the arcanum of Mind, after he left Cacudeus. This causes the two to develop a major interest in him. After a lengthy interrogation, Discorsi tells them he knows Faust’s one weakness, but will only divulge it after the PCs head to his sanctum and make sure that it is secure. The PCs reluctantly agree, but call Holmes and ask him to come along to make sure this isn’t an obvious trap. He agrees.

Soon the three arrive at Discorsi’s home in north Portland. It is a large home in an up-scale neighborhood, but it seems to have been in disrepair for a long time. After slowly advancing through the home, expecting a trap, Mingan Quantum and Holmes head into the basement, where they find very little (Holmes takes a rare edition of “A study in scarlet”) After getting frustrated by their lack of evidence, Holmes and Mingan decide to tip over a bookshelf and find a secret door. They enter to find what appears to be the sanctum they were looking for. Inside, there are the normal things you would find inside a sanctum (Dissolved tass, books on magic) but the main attraction here is the cork board on the wall, which has a collection of newspaper clippings and articles thumbtacked onto it. About half these clippings are about The 4th street massacre, and the other half are about, surprisingly, Honored Ascention.

Holmes questions why he would have information about his old cabal around, and takes a look at the other scraps of paper sitting around. Mingan and Quantum remain focused on the board, and notice something odd; Quantum and Holmes’ old cabalmate Misty look almost identical.

However, they don’t get much time to think about this, as Holmes finds something shocking amongst the mess; he grabs a handful of books and sheets lying on an old table and tells Quantum and Mingan that they have to go, now. When the two question Holmes about it, his mood changes and he becomes angry, telling them that he can’t say anything about what he found, and that this is bigger than them. He storms out of the basement. The PCs discuss what Holmes found, Quantum’s resemblance to Misty and how they should deal with Discorsi as they continue to search the sanctum. Soon they realize that they’re not going to find anything substantial, and head upstairs, where Holmes is waiting. He clutches a photo album in his hands, and shows the two PCs an interesting piece of evidence; a photo of a younger Discorsi and Faust, with words below it;

Lorenzo & Erik
July 22, 1992
Coney Island

With the photo, and other evidence in hand, the PCs and Holmes return to speak to Discorsi. After quickly descending to the interrogation room, the three once again encounter the enigmatic Discorsi, again with the atlantite mask. As soon as he enters, Holmes questions him on his relation to Faust, and what his weakness is, to which he gets no response. However, Discorsi gives quite an intrigued reaction to Holmes’ next inquiry; he demands to know what he knows about something called The Traveler. Discorsi tells Holmes nothing, and as their conversation heats up, the two guards behind Discorsi crumple to the ground.

Holmes immediately puts up a shield to protect himself and his students, but Discorsi shatters the window between them and the shards penetrate the armor of the guards behind them, killing them. Mingan and Holmes fire blasts of life and prime energy respectively at their enemy, wounding him. He takes the atlantite canisters and begins to let it loose into the room, but Quantum shoots him in the leg and makes him fall to the ground. Holmes then jumps over the barrier between the two halves of the interrogation room and grabs Discorsi. Discorsi tells him it’s too late, and uses his mind power to kill himself. Holmes drops him and the Guardians rush in and arrest the three survivors.



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