402: Discovery (Episode four)

While staying at Zion’s sanctum for the night, before leaving for Augusta, Quantum is visited by Tessa. She tells her she’s going out to meet someone she knows in town. Quantum thinks it’s a stupid idea, but lets her go.

In the morning, Tessa is nowhere to be found. The group is pessimistic about her whereabouts. Zion is also not around; she ran out to do some errands. The PCs wait a while, and decide to scry on Tessa to see if she’s okay. Wiki sees her in a dark room, tied up and hurt. The cabal doesn’t know where she is, but they know they have to save her.

Mingan decides to check around the house for any spirit who knows where Tessa went. Soon enough he finds the spirit of a stuffed parrot that was laying around just outside the room Tessa was staying in. The parrot knows where she went and keeps repeating “Ricochet”. The parrot takes the cabal on a wild goose chase all day. Later on, and after a full box of crackers fed to it, the parrot spirit leads the PCs to a biker bar in sketchy downtown Red Rock. The PCs decide to head inside.

The bar is a dank, dark place. It’s filled with mean-looking bikers, mean-looking drinks, and an even meaner-looking bartender. When the cabal enters, the stage is getting prepped for tonight’s show; a performance by the exotic dancer “Deadly Red”.

Inside, the PCs use their covert magic to get information. Wiki uses her spatial awareness to see that the dancer is a vampire and is packing heat. Justicar learns a lot he didn’t want to know about the bikers. He also learns that three bikers at a certain table are proud of capturing a girl. He then reads deeper into their minds and finds out the location of the girl. The PCs decide to leave, but Smokey stays behind to keep an eye on the dancer (quite literally.)

When the PCs head to the warehouse Justicar saw in the bikers’ head, they find the place empty. It’s less of a headquarters and more of an abandoned building. Inside they find the door to the basement guarded by two vicious attack dogs, which are put down rather quickly by Mingan and Justicar’s magical animal skills. They head downstairs and find Tessa, beaten, gagged and tied to a chair. They let her loose and start to leave. After heading back up to the warehouse, Justicar gets a call from Smokey warning them that the scene at the bar went bad; the dancer killed the bikers and was looking for the book. Smokey barely escaped.

Just after Smokey warns the group, the dancer, clad in a trenchcoat stolen from one of the bikers, appears at the warehouse. She wants the book. The PCs and the vampire clash; it’s clear that she’s plenty of trouble for all of them. After a short battle, the vampire obfuscates and disappears. However, when the PCs turn to leave, she re-emerges behind Tessa, and puts her pistol to her head. Wiki, using improvised prime magic, makes a phantasmal copy of the book in her bag, and gives it to the vampire. The vampire questions why she shouldn’t just shoot Tessa, now that she has the book.

Then, a gunshot.

The vampire yelps in pain as she is shot in the forehead. She falls backwards and disappears. The PCs look behind them and see a young man they’ve never seen before, holding a smoking M1A1 carbine. Tessa exclaims “Ricochet!” and runs to him. Smokey then turns the corner to see Tessa and Ricochet kiss.

“Aww man.” Smokey dejects.



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