402: Discovery (Episode Two)

After the seemingly planned explosion outside the hospital, Cacudeus tells the PCs that there is a back exit and they need to run. The PCs and Tessa run, carrying the codex, to the back exit and the parking lot. After a bit of car confusion, the PCs get the hell out of there.

The PCs have a bit of trouble deciding what to do next, but can decide on leaving the city for at least a little while until they can figure out what to do with the book. Tessa suggests that they visit Zion in Red Rock and hiding at her place until they figure the book out.

The PCs start the 8-hour drive to Red Rock, but along the way are tailed by a debilitated Camaro. When the PCs realize this they’re already on the highway.

Justicar, Wiki, Quantum and Tessa in Jusicar’s vehicle hear the noise first; loud, aggressive punk rock coming from behind them. When they realize what’s happening, the car has already pulled up beside them and rammed them. The players see the driver and passengers in the car are some sort of crazy punkers, who start shooting at them and, employing a chainsaw on a two-by-four, pop one of their tires.

Smokey and Mingan, in the van ahead, pull in front of the car and slam on the brakes, causing the punks to ram the back of the van and completely wreck their car.

The PCs engage the punks in a rough fight. However, no one is killed. The PCs are the clear victors, and try to question their red-haired leader. He won’t answer any of their questions, but laughs and tells them that he’s glad they slowed them down enough. The PCs then notice the convoy of Muscle cars and motorcycles driving down the road screaming, straight towards them.



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