402: Discovery (Episode three)

After realizing that the onslaught of cars and motorcycles were headed their way, the PCs regrouped and got back in their vehicles. They prepared for a fight; Mingan armed himself with a squad of bees, Quantum took the grenade launcher left behind by the punks; but the star of the show was Smokey, who used, through some incredible combination of luck and skill to cause some major harm to the vehicles approaching them. Using Forces freestyle magic, he caused the sound of the engines to transform into uncontrollable flames, causing the pistons to go haywire. Due to the limited driving skills of the gang, their cars were mostly destroyed in crashes and they were easily defeated by the cabal.

Once they lost their pursuers, they headed to Red Rock and to Zion’s home. There they spoke with her and her girlfriend Rosaline. They learned a little more about the book and decided to take a much-needed rest before attempting to deliver the book to the Mysterium headquarters in Augusta.



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