402: Discovery (Episode five)

After healing up Tessa and discussing (at length) what to do with the Codex, the cabal decides to go straight to Augusta and meet with the Mysterium lore-keepers to decide what to do with it. However, just as they leave, they’re greeted by the familiar sound of muscle cars and motorcycles heading into town; the psycho punks return. Ricochet decides to stay behind to deal with them, telling the newly-soldiered Smokey to stick with him. Tessa decides that she’d ride it out so she wouldn’t have to leave her man. The PCs climb into Justicar’s sedan, which was quickly repaired by Ricochet, and speed off to Augusta.

Along the way, they stop into Portland to finish some loose ends; they get the essential clothes and food they need for the trip, and head to their respective orders’ headquarters to aquire magical tools and items. After stocking up, they drive off towards their desination; the Museum of the Strange and Occult in Augusta.

Upon arrival, it’s late. 1:30 AM late, and the museum, and thus the mysterium HQ, is closed. However, Wiki calls one of her contacts, a girl by the name of Key who works in the museum, to take the book off their hands. They all arrive at the museum and head inside. Once there, they head into the safest room in the museum; the evidence and containment room. Key leaves the book there for the night, convinced that it’ll be safe there.

When they leave the room, Key is shot. She falls to the ground, and the vampire that attacked them back in Red Rock appears. She seethes “Enough fakes. Give me the fucking book.”

A battle ensues; the PCs are a match for the vampire, who eventually disappears into thin air again. However, using Wiki’s scrying magic, they figure out that she went outside. They run past a drained security guard and head up onto the roof. Eventually Quantum speeds ahead using her Acceleration spell and catches up to the vampire, and they clash. It’s a close battle, with Quantum, Mingan and Justicar suffering almost mortal wounds, but thanks to Key and Mingan’s healing magic, and Quantum’s incredible fighting skills, they make it through. The vampire, out of desperation, latches on to Quantum and tries to drain her blood; but her magically infused blood instead hurts the vampire, who falls off the roof, but then vanishes.

While most of the cabal stays behind to help Quantum, who is still wounded, Mingan takes her gun and heads off to find the Vampire, being guided by Wiki’s scrying spell. He finds her around the corner, leaning on a tree in someone’s garden. Mingan shoots her in the back, and she falls. He walks up to her, and after hearing her final taunt, shoots her dead.

Soon enough, the group hears the sound of sirens approaching. When the police arrive at the scene, Justicar uses his “Not the droids you’re looking for” technique and the group escape the scene without a second glance. Mingan, however, is not so lucky, and is brought in for questioning by the police.



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