402: Discovery (Episode six)

After escaping the police and collecting Mingan from their questioning, the cabal retreat. There, Key calls her superiors at the museum and informs them of what had happened prior. Key tells the PCs that support is on the way.

Soon enough a car arrives at the museum. The woman inside is Eva, the shamanistic leader of the mysterium presence in Maine and the surrounding states, who operates out of the museum. She heals the cabal, and gets her people to bring the cabal to a nearby hotel for some much-needed rest.

In the morning, the PCs are treated to some extra-perked coffee, and head out to the museum. When they arrive, they are invited to a meeting with the mysterium shaman council. The shamans tell the PCs that the book is actually a fake; a very convincing copy. The book, however, is not without its power. This copy of the book specifically highlights the demon resurrection passages, and as such is a danger to the safety of the world. Thus, it must be sealed away in a ritual, near it’s source; Old Port Quarry, in the cave Smokey and Milly found. The PCs are also told that it must be the one who originally removed the book from its resting place, Wiki, that returns it. So the PCs decide to follow the orders and head back to Portland, book in tow.

The PCs meet Corona, a driver who is hired to get them safely to Portland, as well as two cars of the mysterium’s finest “warriors”. On route to Portland, the motorcade is stopped by a police barricade; there the anarchist punks make a return and attack the mysterium protectors. An unlucky paradox cast causes one of the mages in the front car to explode the engine in their vehicle, leaving them to fight the punks. When one of the mages in the back car is shot, Corona decides leaving is a good idea and drives over the barricade and into Portland.

After hurrying to the quarry, the PCs descend the deep fissure in the pouring rain. When they reach the bottom, they search for the entrance to the cave, but find nothing. However, just when Justicar gives up his search and heads off to leave, he sees the cave in the corner of his eye. The PCs then enter the cave, and holding up the book to ward off the ghouls inside, enter the inner sanctum where they first found the book.

There, Wiki finds the scribe’s journal. He tells that the book was originally his father’s project, and after he died, he left the book to his only son in hopes that he would continue his translation. The boy worked hard for years inside this hidden sanctum, but when he tried to call a weak demon to attempt a control spell, he instead opened a portal to a realm he had never experienced before and let loose the mass amount of mana ghouls that inhabit the cave. He was trapped, and died there. However, before he died, he burned the translation, making sure no one could ever open another portal like it.

The PCs perform the ritual to seal the book without a hitch. Soon after they do so, the walls of the cave begin to change color slowly; turning from earthy grey to a slight shade of blue. When they venture back out into the central mezzanine, they see the ghouls are also changing color; some already changed completely to white, and are dead. The PCs leave the cave without much resistance. However, after they leave, they are immediately attacked by the main group of punks, who have gathered in their entirety to finally take the book back.

The punks’ leader, Sid, banters with the PCs and takes turns beating them for his audience. He questions them about the book; when Wiki gives him a fake, he burns it and gets angry, demanding the real book. When he learns the real book is destroyed, he beats Mingan savagely, and slashes and stabs him with a knife. Then, he decides he doesn’t need the PCs anymore and sets them down on the ground, execution-style.

However, his plans are ruined by the Adamantine Arrow, who appear from Helicopters and completely bust up the place. Sid and his main group of cronies run deeper into the quarry to try and escape the arrow, but run into a dead end; that is until Sid sees a cave out of the corner of his eye and they run into it, its entrance closing behind them.

The PCs have a short chat with Smokey, Ricochet, Apollo and two agents of the Guardians of the Veil. Apollo tells the PCs that he’s going to use his connections to get the quarry up and running again so they can have guards stationed there at all times, and the Guardians support this endeavor.

In a cutscene after this event, Sid and his eight cronies sit in an abandoned building’s basement in a nearby town. There they discuss what to do next, and Sid is dejected. His gang is destroyed, he’s on the run and he lost the book. He curses out his luck when a man wanders into the room.

“I’ll get you anything you want. All I ask is that you help me work towards our common goal.


The man’s half-mask glimmers in the sunset.



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