Sid Suicide


Sid Suicide is the leader of an anarchist group called “The Swarm”. He and his gang attacked the PCs at the hospital in Portland, attempting to take the newly-found copy of Cyprian’s Codex from them. They failed, but caught up to the PCs on the road to Augusta. Again, the cabal only barely escaped. Finally, after regrouping, they attempted to head off the PCs at Old Port Quarry, not knowing that they copy had already been destroyed. Sid was about to execute the PCs when the forces of the Adamantine Arrow appeared, causing Sid and his cronies to run off; Most of them were arrested or killed, but Sid and a few of his best men managed to escape through a mysterious cave..

The next time the PCs saw them, they were working for an unknown employer. They attacked the Guadians of the Veil motorcade that the PCs were supposed to be guarding; using a strange new substance that removed their magical power, they overpowered the motorcade. Sid then emerged, and killed Corona and a Veil shadowman named Smith. He let the prisoner that they were transporting loose, took him with them, and left.

No one knows exactly how they knew about the book so quickly, or how they escaped from Old Port Quarry…

Sid Suicide

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