402: Control (Episode four point five)
After the events of the last session, the players gathered to basically tie up some loose ends before the next chronicle.

  • Holmes and Cacudeus give the PCs the scoop on what Hyde was saying about being “The Wayfarer” and all the information about the Traveler cult they found in Discorsi’s basement.

  • Wiki gets a job at a bookstore not far from the university.

  • With the help of Wiki, Mingan converts his bus/home into a sanctum in the trees. Using various magicks, he raises the bus into the trees and creates a makeshift tree-home that is very difficult to locate for the unwelcome.

  • Justicar makes a life-changing decision; to go to Harvard law and leave Portland, seemingly for forever. There he plans to get married with Vanessa, and leave most of this wacky magic stuff behind. He says his goodbyes to his friends, and leaves. Maybe we’ll see him again sometime…

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