402: Discovery (Episode Two)

After the seemingly planned explosion outside the hospital, Cacudeus tells the PCs that there is a back exit and they need to run. The PCs and Tessa run, carrying the codex, to the back exit and the parking lot. After a bit of car confusion, the PCs get the hell out of there.

The PCs have a bit of trouble deciding what to do next, but can decide on leaving the city for at least a little while until they can figure out what to do with the book. Tessa suggests that they visit Zion in Red Rock and hiding at her place until they figure the book out.

The PCs start the 8-hour drive to Red Rock, but along the way are tailed by a debilitated Camaro. When the PCs realize this they’re already on the highway.

Justicar, Wiki, Quantum and Tessa in Jusicar’s vehicle hear the noise first; loud, aggressive punk rock coming from behind them. When they realize what’s happening, the car has already pulled up beside them and rammed them. The players see the driver and passengers in the car are some sort of crazy punkers, who start shooting at them and, employing a chainsaw on a two-by-four, pop one of their tires.

Smokey and Mingan, in the van ahead, pull in front of the car and slam on the brakes, causing the punks to ram the back of the van and completely wreck their car.

The PCs engage the punks in a rough fight. However, no one is killed. The PCs are the clear victors, and try to question their red-haired leader. He won’t answer any of their questions, but laughs and tells them that he’s glad they slowed them down enough. The PCs then notice the convoy of Muscle cars and motorcycles driving down the road screaming, straight towards them.

402: Discovery (Episode One)

After the events of Encounter, the PCs get back to their normal schedule. School starts again, Holmes begins to teach them again.

March 13

Smokey is on a date with a girl that he’d met not long after Encounter, Milly. They go to see a movie and on the way home, decide to check out an old quarry that Milly was afraid of when she was a kid. They decend into the quarry, but when they get down there, it starts to rain. They take cover in a strangely placed cave.

Soon enough they start to hear noise from deeper inside the cave. They head inside to check it out and see eyes peering at them from the dark. Smokey grabs the creature, and the two come face to face with a terrifying ghoul that neither has ever seen before. The two run screaming out of the cave, which seems to disappear into thin air, leaving only the wall of the quarry behind. Milly is convinced she didn’t see anything, and asks Smokey to drive her home.

Afterwards, Smokey calls up the rest of the cabal. They decide to meet up. Once all together, they decide to research the cave before venturing inside. They head for Tessa’s shop. Once there, they show Tessa the goop that was on Smokey’s hand and she tells them that the creature must have been magical in origin, but has no idea what it is. The cabal heads home to get some sleep before checking out the cave.

March 14

The PCs meet up at Tessa’s in the early afternoon. She’s been up all night studying the goop; but she found out nothing. The creature could be any number of things. The PCs decide to check out the cave anyway and head to the quarry.

Once there, they search for the cave to no avail. Just when they start to give up on finding it, Wiki sees the cave out of the corner of her eye. The PCs wonder the strange disappearance and reappearance of the cave door, and then head inside.

Once inside they find the cave strangely laid out; the walls jut out and passages aren’t where they structurally should be. The cave is also seemingly unstable. After following the winding cave deeper inside, they find a more open part of the cave covered in the same mana goop that the creature was covered in. Suddenly the PCs are attacked by the creatures.

After fighting their way to the back of the cave, and Wiki being gravely injured, the PCs discover a set of carved stairs leading down into a room with no goop covering the walls. This is a living space; there is a room here with multiple books, and other things inside.

On a desk in this room lies a large book with a potent magical aura. The cabal can tell by the things on the desk that whoever lived here was attempting to translate the book, which is written in a strange code. The PCs take the book, and the translation materials, as well as some other assorted books, and leave.

On the way out, they find that the last cave room is now filled with the creatures, but they seem to be scared of the PCs now. The PCs clutch the book and walk through the crowd of ghouls. When they near the entrance of the cave, it begins to crumble. The PCs make a mad dash for the exit, being chased by the crowd of ghouls, and manage to make it outside the cave before it collapses. The cave then disappears from sight again.

The PCs take the book back to Tessa, who analyzes it. She comes to the conclusion that this is Cyprian’s Codex, a very powerful spellbook which contains demon resurrection passages and other dark magic. Tessa tells the PCs that Wiki needs medical attention, and she knows how they can kill two birds with one stone; bring Wiki and the book to her uncle, Cacudeus.

The PCs and Tessa visit Portland Major and speak with Cacudeus. He heals Wiki’s wounds, and looks at the book. He confirms Tessa’s theory and believes that this is a very dangerous thing to find; there are people who search for this book. Bad people.

Suddenly, there is an explosion outside the hospital. Cacudeus tells the PCs to run.


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