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  • Councilor Frost

    A head councillor working at the Augusta Museum of the Strange and Occult. A corrupt individual, he plotted against LADY PEACE. A member of the Maine Magic council. He may have been removed due to the plot to destroy LADY PEACE.

  • Rista Odaria

    An atlantean mage who was being ressurected by a cult. He was known to be an incredibly powerful individual, and promised his followers eternal life.

  • Bastion

    The leader of the cult that was attempting to ressurect Rista Odaria in Rebirth. He was arrested after the ritual was interrupted by the cabal "Dishonored Dissention".

  • Sid Suicide

    Sid Suicide is the leader of an anarchist group called “The Swarm”. He and his gang attacked the PCs at the hospital in Portland, attempting to take the newly-found copy of Cyprian’s Codex from them. They failed, but caught up to the PCs on the road to …

  • Ganymede

    A vampire who was once prone to multiple personalities. In a feat of mental strength, she subconciously combined her personalities into one state. She now acts as a freelance assassin. When driven to extreme anger, her murderous psychopathic personality …

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