William “Mingan” Jones is a young man who, by all accounts, is a hippie. He sees the world in a very different light than most, believing in the inherent value of the natural world and the freedom that is associated with it. He is an advocate for recreational drug use, and is a drug dealer himself. He often speaks to spirits, and is a very existential person, even knowing the mysteries of life as a mage.

Mingan is the newest member of 402. While not a student at Portland University, he did spend a fair amount of time on campus selling various drugs to the student body, including Smokey. After Awakening he was quickly adopted into the cabal, under the supervision and guidance of Holmes. Due to a lack of steady income, and a desire to live closer to the natural world and away from the binding influence of socety, Mingan has taken up residence in a broken down bus by a river near the university.

Early Life

Born to a white businessman and a Penobscot woman in 1987, Mingan spent the first years of his life living in New York, where his parents had met. A few short years later the massive differences in their life style caused his parents to split, his mother went back to Maine where her tribe has always lived and the father stayed in New York with the child.

For the first years of his school life Mingan was put through private schooling, his father hoping one day that he would take over the family shipping business. From day one he was taught the benefits of the capitalist lifestyle and how to be a successful business man. Throughout middle school he was an honours student and looked up to among his peers.


Then, in the summer before high school, the shipping business went under. The family quickly went bankrupt, within the space of a single season going from well-off to living in the projects. Thrust into the public school system, Mingan quickly picked up new friends, friends who happened to into drug culture. As his father hit the bottle more and more often Mingan found an escape in his own inebriated adventures, which all came to a cresendo after a particularly wild party and social assistance investigated his father and deemed him to be an unfit parent. Faced with the choice of fosterage, and his increasing distaste for the capitalist soceity which had triggered all his problems, Mingan decided to live with his mother on a reserve in Maine.

It was on this reservation that Mingan learned the ways of living on the fringe of society that later became a staple of his life. He learned respect for both the natural world and the spirit world of his ancestors beliefs, which struck a chord with him, and he would later find out that it was his connection to the Primal Wild that allowed for this bond with his mother’s society. After a few years past, and with a lot of grievance, he left the reservation for Portland looking to enjoy his youth with some of his old habits(namely the party scene) he left behind now that he had learned to care for himself.


Living out of an abandoned bus near the university, Mingan began growing and selling marijuana and holding down a part-time job at an occult and oddities shop to get by. It was the former that allowed him to meet a man who hung around campus and went by the name ‘Smokey’, who became a regular customer. Little did Mingan realize what course Smokey had been taking at the school and largely went about his own business, attending many parties around town and partaking in his own product.

One evening on his way home from a party, a few months after arrival in Portland, Mingan dodged through a forest path on the way home only to come face to face with a large wolf. Terrified, he froze, only to be pounced on and bit on the thigh. Before he could truly comprehend everything that happened the wolf took off running and his soul reeled, and he began to wander around town in the trace what was his soul’s journey to the watchtower. The trip from the woods to the park took no more then thirty minutes, but in his state of being it lasted a week, a journey through thick jungles filled with beasts, rivers which were crossed on the backs of fish, and a journey through a highly inaccurate depicition of a wolve’s digestive system. Upon reaching the park, which was the Watchtower, he signed his name on a tree and was forever walking the path of Thyrsus.

After realizing the reality was beginging to bend where he wanted to, he got a bit freaked out. In the following couple weeks, Mingans already great interest in the occult doubled. He became obsessed with magic and the wolf, particularly the later. He had decided, after a great deal of research(including much that took place much later on) that the wolf must have been a werewolf trying to change him, but thanks to his ‘trip’(which is what he still refers to his awakaening as) he was saved from the fate of the Forsaken and instead was one of the Awakened. After remarking one day that things were starting to get weird to Smokey, the mage decided to introduce Mingan to Holmes and forever changed the course of Mingans life.


Mingan has since learned he is ‘wolf-blooded’, a genetic trait that means he could have been a werewolf under different circumstances, but otherwise just means he has a temper.

He has a terrible habit of tearing or otherwise losing his clothing. The perils of life magic.

Hates vampires with a passion, and holds the opinion that offing them isn’t murder as they are already dead.

Until recently, he was known for attacking foes with a swarm of bees.

Played by Geoff Smith.


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