Room 402

Room 402 is a large room in the basement of an abandoned Engineering building, Messurier Hall, at the University of Portland. The cabal 402 uses the room as a sanctum and headquarters, as well as their group’s name.

The room itself is rather empty, simply housing some old rusted chairs, and Holmes’ desk. The room is usually used for practicing rotes and magic-related things. The cabal relocates to another unused room for basic studies. Such as studying Atlantean, or learning the history of magic.

The room has multiple magical qualities;

  • Reinforced walls and structure.
  • The room is a designated Sanctum 3 and Hallow 3.
  • Holmes’ desk is not to be trifled with.
  • The room has a sort of magical security system installed, letting Holmes and whatever cabal member is nearby know if someone is trifiling with it.

The room is the namesake for the main game’s name, as much of the PC’s planning and learning takes place there.

Room 402

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