David “Smokey” Black is a former jock turned hardcore grunger, and is studying at the University of Portland. He has an undeclared major. A brash and excitable person, David falls headfirst into a lot of situations. Mainly a hand-to-hand fighter, Smokey lets his fists do the talking, and if that doesn’t work, then a bullet. A firm believer in brute force overcoming most obstacles, he’s especially proficient at beating whatever information he pleases out of his enemies, and has the training to do so, having boxed for several years. However, due to this, he usually takes more than his fair share of hits and ends up with some lasting bruises, including taking the shadow name ‘Smokey’ over ‘Mosh’ due to an unfortunate incident where he was electrocuted with a large amount of Forces magic.

Life before Awakening

David has lived in Portland all his life. He was mostly a sheltered child, but couldn’t be contained by his overprotective mother – early in elementary David took a liking to gym class and playing sports during recess and lunch. His father, a former hockey coach, relished in the fact that his son took after his dad. A born fighter, he loved to organize large school scraps as a form of competition. As he grew older, he joined the hockey team, citing that “hockey pretty much gives you a the best challenge out there – it’s your wits versus theirs, and if that don’t work, check ‘em”. He was a clearly popular teenager, but never really bullied other kids, as he liked to test his strength against his fellow jocks, liking the challenge that his physically fit friends gave him.

After graduating from junior high, David attended Portland High School and joined several teams each season. He played field hockey in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. David also took boxing lessons when practice wasn’t being held, making a lot of progress in the teen circuits of the Portland Boxing Club. His tendency, however, to beat opponents absolutely senseless and even injure them earned him several nicknames, including “the Black Plague”.

A lot of this aggression came from his father, who pushed young David to practice and practice, often to the point of exhaustion. While close to his father, they constantly argued, and often it would come to abuse – his father would take his belt and beat his son, and David would not fight back. He loved his father, and the last thing he wanted to see was his dad hurt by anything he did. His dad, prone to bouts of alcoholism, had divorced his mother years previous over David’s future. David didn’t have contact with his mother after the divorce, and had to shake the thought of his more nurturing parent. David’s father constantly slandered her in drunken fits, before passing out.

David also found himself different from his peers. While most of his friends were becoming fans of rap music like Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg, David found himself drawn to music that expressed anger and hatred at the world, such as Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana. He kept this from his friends, a very exclusive group of jocks who often talked the same, liked the same things, and hated the same people. They also abused hard drugs like cocaine and heroine. Not wanting to look bad in front of his peers, he began experimenting, going to all night parties, and sleeping around. The young Black ended up held back a year in high school, along with much of his group of friends. His father lashed out at him for this, and forced David to drop lacrosse in order to do better on his exams. Barely passing his repeated year, David eventually made it to his senior year, and that’s when things began to fall apart.


David’s father didn’t need a reason to abuse his son anymore. Every night, he would lash David with his thick leather belt and burn his arms and legs with cigarettes, and force beers down his throat. On the night of his prom, just as David was about to leave (attempting to do so quietly) his father came from behind with a broken beer bottle and asked him where he thought he was going. David replied that the prom was tonight and everyone would be there, and his father shouted and cursed at him.

“You think you’re better’n me, you worthless piece of shit?! You wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t popped your mom’s cherry on her prom night! I had to marry the fat cow so that she’d fuckin’ feed ya!” he said, shouting loud enough that the neighbors could hear. “Only reason I even kept her around was because she could cook a good fuckin’ meal! Lousy cunt never even put out after you were born…You hear me?! You were a mistake! A’ accident!” After taking a swig of a beer he had tucked down his pants, David’s father told his son to “use a fucking condom” and then threw one he had used to masturbate at David’s face. His father began laughing at the look on his son’s face, but didn’t expect what would happen next.

David lashed out and struck his father across the face. Pushing his parent onto the floor, he straddled him and began relentlessly punching him in the face, breaking his nose and knocking out his teeth. After what seemed like forever, punching away, David backed off. Aghast at what he had done, he fell to his knees and started crying. Quietly, his father coughed, barely able to breathe through his battered mouth but managed to speak.

“Goddamn…” his father wheezed. “You finally beat your dear ol’ dad at somethin’...Sometimes…Sometimes I feel proud-a you…” He coughed up blood onto the front of his shirt. “I’m jealous…you got to have what I didn’t…You had everythin’ even though I tried to make you miserable like I feel…David…you’re my son. I love you…”

At that moment, David snapped and began shouting at his father, screaming obscenities and curses on him. His hands began to spark, and shot across the room. All his father could see was the blurry figure of his son unleashing his pent up rage. The plugs and appliances along the wall crackled with electricity and exploded, catching flame to the countertops and furniture. His throat raw, David stopped, realizing that he had caused the event, and escaped the house without his father in a panic. Shortly after he had left, his neighbors had called the police. He was found nearby in an alleyway, after going into shock over what he had done. When the police brought him in, David had recounted his past experiences with his father to the officers. He left out the details of his hands sparking and causing the appliances to malfunction, instead saying that he knew nothing about the fire, and that his father must have started it. The incident was labeled as an accident, and David learned what he knew deep down inside since he abandoned his father – he had died in the fire.


Unable to accept reality he dropped out of his last year of high school and became a junkie, passing by his days in a haze. Constantly under the influence, he performed minor crimes while under the influence, such as soliciting sex from teenage girls and attempting to steal food and cigarettes from convenience stores. Due to his troubled past the Judges were benevolent, and sentenced him to be put in rehabilitation. Several months passed, and David was clean for the first time in a long time, his love of a challenge and his willpower pulling him through. While still funding a dependency on marijuana and tobacco, David managed to apply to night school and get his high school degree. Attending college, and until recently just living off student loans, he met and befriended a teacher at the school, who told him of the reality of what happened at his house five years ago – that he had Awakened, and his father’s death wasn’t David’s fault. He attempted to attack the professor, who put him down with ease. The young man lying on the ground, his teacher, known as “Holmes” in the Mage community, asked him if he wanted to harness his power, and learn to control it so that it would never happen again. The Mage also played off of David’s desire for power, saying that a whole new world of challenges awaited him if he chose to pursue his path.

With an almost feral grin, thirsting for a true challenge, he accepted.

“Fine, teach…I accept. And one day, I’ll kick your fucking ass.”


He was involved in the investigation that discovered and terminated the plans to resurrect Rista Odaria, unknowingly preventing what would have been a catastrophe to mages and sleepers alike worldwide.


Member and de-facto Enforcer of the Cabal known as 402.
Formerly known as Mosh.
Rival of Justicar.
Smitten with Tessa Stevenson.
His crappy 1969 VW bus has been the vehicle of choice for his cabal (for the most part). It was at one point a horrendous shade of orange.
He has also revealed that he thought Twilight was a decent movie. “But only ok.”

Played by Justin Woodford. Backstory also written by Justin Woodford


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